Thursday, August 19, 2010

Our Internship....

Early on in our stay in NJ, we were reading through a novel about the 80 year war in the Netherlands. So the children got their lego and made a fleet of 'Beggars Ships' complete with sails and men.

We also went to the beach. The day was hot, the sand was hot, but the water was cool. Pity about the salt water. But we have officially been in the Atlantic Ocean.

Opa and Oma Loef came for a short visit. Here the children are enjoying a game of 'Dogopoly' with Opa. I think this was the one game he lost. Below that is the sideways photo of Georgia and Phillip trying out the bows and arrows that Opa made. (They it back to Indiana!)
No stay in NJ would have been complete without a visit or two to New York. We went twice. The first time a couple from the church directed us around in a car tour. That was great, since we got to see all the sights from our car. The second time we went on a ferry (Staten Island Ferry), which is free (we're Dutch after all) and it took us past the Statue of Liberty. Then we got really adventurous and took the subway to Central Park. Here are some of the highlights. 1) Opa and Oma Loef getting a hotdog at Times Square...

2) Statue of Liberty... 3) Manhatten...

4) Police everywhere in New York - here at the ferry terminal...
5) Brooklyn Bridge...

6) Rebekkah, Johanna and Phillip feeding the friendly squirrels. The man here sits on the same bench at the same time of day, everyday, so when we accidently sat there a little earlier than normal we found it rather amusing that they weren't scared of us. They enjoyed the biscuits we fed them, but not the dropjes.
7) The whole crowd waiting at the subway.
The last week of Erik's internship, was the Vacation Bible School. We had a closing programme in the church sanctuary. Here is Gina and Rev. Rich Kuiken (Erik' spervising pastor)watching the programme.
After Mum and Dad Loef left, Erik's aunty, Diky, came to stay a few days with us as we packed up and toured travelled through Canada to Dyer, Indiana. On the Monday before we left we went to Pennsylvania to check out the Amish country. It was a long hot day, but all well worth it.
Here we are having a horse and cart ride out in the Amish countryside.

Dad, I hope you don't mind, but we couldn't pass up this opportunity. The headquarters of New Holland was in the middle of Amish country in Pennsylvania.

And of course a road side stop for an ice-cream. The Amish have lots of road side food stalls. They may be Amish, but they know how to make money off tourists ... :)

While we were there,we went to this Information Center which housed a full size replica of the Tabernacle. It was very impressive, but not as grand as we had expected. Nevertheless it was well worth coming to see.

On the way from NJ to Canada we camped overnight beside a lake. It was a pretty primitive, but a very peacful setting especially considering that this was the peak in holiday time for people. Here is our tent up, with a campfire burning.At the lake we were able to hire some row boats. Again it was very peacful and while some went swimming others went rowing.

Emmaleigh was happier swimming..

In Canada we caught up with the Sikkema's.

... and Emmaleigh felt the urge to kiss these statues...

We also went boating with our relatives there.... The children were a bit scared to start off with, but their confidence grew...

When we came home, we met up with Dean Anderson (a Kiwi living in Holland) who is applying for a lecturers job at MARS. It was nice to meet him and get to kow him quite well.

Thats about all we have. Hopefully this gives a bit of an over view of how we have spent our time over the last 10 weeks... Just in case you thought all we did while we are here was work... :)
Blessings in our Saviour
The Stoltes


rachaelnz said...

It looks like you had a great time! I'm glad you found some time to "play". The lego ship is great and I'm curious to know which book you were reading. Was it by Henty?

Stolte Kiwis said...

It was the Piet Prins 'Struggle for Freedom' series.