Saturday, October 9, 2010

Random Pictures

Some weeks ago we had the Van Wichens over for lunch on a Sunday afternoon. Imagine, you have to get half way around the world just to come over to someones place for lunch. Anyway a great time enjoyed by all. This was our attempt at a combined photo. I'm sure there is a better one somewhere, but we can't find it.
We have been busy doing a bit of woodwork. With all of our combined woodworking talents, surely we can come up with something... if we can actually see what we are doing. Many hands make light work ... right... ?
We are hoping to atteact a few birds to our neighbourhoods over the autumn and winter months.
Oh yes! She has to help too!!!!!!

...and then there was Jacobs birthday. 9 years old now and growing up much too fast.

Today we went for a walk in the woods. The children took their blades while we walked. You can see the autumn colours are in full display.
That's it for a while again. Thanks for your continued prayers and love to us.
In our Lord - The Stoltes.

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Jennifer said...

Loving the autumn colours!! Would love to come 'crunching' through the leaves.... Hopefully they are all buried in snow for my white Christmas by the time I get there though!!! :) Not long now....