Saturday, June 26, 2010

In New Jersey

After much encouragement we have got back to the computer and updated our blog. Yes, we are here, safe and sound in New Jersey. We had a great trip getting here, arriving to a nice spacious house and a very warm and loving church family. They had the whole house furnished and even some food ready for the Sunday, so we didn't have to go straight out to the shop.

Here is our house. It is halfway up the hill behind the church with lots of bush. There is lots for the kids to do in the bush, trees and on the church carpark.

Here is the church from the road. The house is just behind it.

New Jersey is a great state. It reminds us so much of home. There are lots of hills in our area, and if there were some higher mountains it would be just like NZ. It stands in stark contrast to Indiana, which is flat as a pancake, with comparatively very little mature trees.All the hills around us are covered in bush, but even in town there is a lot of bush between all the properties and houses. New Jersey is called the garden state and lives up to its name.

Along with bush comes the wildlife. We had a deer grazing outside our window for a couple of mornings. We don't have a gun and a large enough freezer, but the locals tell us its illegal to shoot them at this time of the year anyway.

Last Monday we went to "High Point." A very original name for the highest point in NJ. The views are really great and the weather was absolutely beautiful. Also note the sky... It's blue not hazy. Once you've lived in Chicago for a while there are some things you start to miss.
There is a monument on top of High Point... and yes, we climbed inside right to the top of it. Great for the calf muscles.

A view from the top of the monument

Ah yes, double trouble! Check out the background, just like home aye!

Like we mentioned earlier the people here are really loving and welcoming. We have been out to many peoples places for meals. Here we are at a flower growers place who has a pool in their back yard. Some sort of moisture is almost a must around here. We have had a few very hot days with high humidity, so a pool is always a welcome reprieve.
The kids are really loving the water.

Of course Emmaleigh doesn't want to be left out of the fun. Here she is trying to "back into" the pool.

Rebekkah is getting very water confident.

"Do you think I'll float Mum?"

Here we are at some other people's place. All the kids got to drive the "tractor."

And of course we celebrated Johanna's birthday while we have been here. The traditional birhtday cake was again made by a busy and very talented Mum.
Thats all for now. the MARS update should be in your inboxes in the next few days (DV) allowing you a better idea on what has transpired over the last month.
Blessing in our Lord,
The Stoltes


Hanneke said...

Thanks heaps for the photo's. A shame about the deer though, I LOVE deer! :)

auntierach_ said...

I love theses photos!! I miss you all SO much. xx

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed the photos. You made me a bit homesick with the photos of the trees and church. : ) Glad you are having a great summer. Michelle

Anonymous said...

The Pictures are really alsome. i hope you have a great time.