Tuesday, May 25, 2010

At long last!

Yes here we are. Finally we are updating this blog. A lot has happened over the past months, so here are some snippets (the MARS Update should be following soon).
As part of their piano lessons the children have a yearly recital. All the parents and relatives (esp. grandparents of course) turn up and listen to the students playing their peices. Here are Jacob, Juliette and Johanna playing. They all did very well.

There have been a few birthdays since the last blog post. Emmaleigh turned one, Phillip four, and Juliette eleven. Emmaleigh doesn't care too much about cake, but she is still treated like a queen. Mind you, that doesn't only happen on her birthday. We're not sure if she is being entertained or if she is entertaining.

Phillip and his "Cow Birthday Cake."

And Juliette and her cake which she helped decorate.

The weather is getting warmer, and the water has come out. What is a hot day without a waterfight?

Let's all pick on Dad!!

And again, the blog is not complete without our youngest member of the family posing in some way. Here she is in her latest style...

With a graduation cap...

Erik went to NorthWest Iowa a number of weeks ago to preach at some of the churches. There he met Rev. G.I. and Mrs. Williamson, who spent many years ministering in the RCNZ. It was a real pleasure to met them in person.

That's it for another blog post. At the end of the week we are planning to make the trip to New Jersey to start the internship. Hopefully, we will have many photos and tales to tell when we are there.
Blessings from us all. With Love, the Stoltes.

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