Saturday, April 3, 2010

Some Activities.

Last month brought Georgia's birthday. The older girls had a lot of fun decorating this cake, of a golden crown, with plenty of M&M "jewels," as per Georgia's request. Yes our Georgia is now 5 and has started "school." God is gracious, but oh, how time flies...

Spring is well and truly upon us and the birds are out, so we are trying to attract some cardinals around our place. Hence, we looked up the internet and found a few great home made ideas for bird feeders. All we need is lots of plastic bottles and lids. Here is the "expert" with his assistants.

And one of the finished products...

The children have been reading Robin Hood stories, so the Robin Hood paper hats are the flavour of the month.
What blog could be complete without our 'American.' Emmaleigh will be turning 1 in a couple of weeks and she is starting on her first steps. 3 steps is her limit at the moment, but she loves standing by herself for extended periods of time (as long as one of her siblings aren't anywhere near...)

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The Martins said...

Emmaleigh and Levi could be brother and sister with their bald heads, haha. Someone actually said that he looked like you Jan-Erik, we know where to send him if he starts getting naughty :) (just kidding). x