Monday, February 15, 2010

Some Photos at long last.

Here is a rather belated update of some of the caryings-on at 756 Blue Jay Way (and surrounds), in the US of A.
A risky game being played by most with a few onlookers.

Monday 25th January, and the snow is pretty much gone. Only the hint of a snow fort remains.

Derby car time!! This year the girls are permitted to enter. Johanna's is a pencil, Jacob's a racing car, and Juliette's a fire truck.

Rebekkah receiving a gift from Emmaleigh for her 7th birthday.

One of the attempted 'igloos' after about a foot of snow in two days. (February 11th).

Jacob taking Georgia and Phillip for a sled ride.

Georgia's attempt at riding her bike in the snow ended up on the ground.

More 'sledding'.

Phillip and Jacob doing their part in making this tunnel.

A video of Georgina in the tunnel she built for Phillip.

The ice on the pond at the seminary is holding up well. We have a few Canadian ice hockey fanatics at seminary who keep the ice clean and smooth. Great for us!!! SO here we are again attempting a game of ice hockey. The kids are getting really good at it. Pity their parents aren't so co-ordinated.....

I think this ice hockey game was the Stolte's vs everyone else.

Even Georgina tried having a go. (No, there weren't any better photos)

More ice hockey action.

The 'Tank' on its way to the garage after, this time, succumbing to a broken fan belt.


Sandra said...

Looks like lots of fun times!!

Matt said...

Canadian fanatics keeping the ice clean! What do you mean by that? I object! I object!

:) :)

I doubt if next year's ice will be anything like this past year's with Corey gone. Ah well. Glad you enjoyed the ice!