Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sled Making.

After so much fun on the snow, we decided to make one of those sleds ourselves. So after a visit to the thrift store (second hand shop), and a hardware shop for some wood, we brought all our materials down to the basement (too cold in the garage) and started our project.

Of course we need a little help from the youngest member of the family. Here she is giving herself a tonsillectomy.
The finished project, with some happy children.
Now all we need is snow.
... and of course some horses to pull the sled around. Hey, what are parents and big sisters for...

Here a little video clip of Emmaleigh. She is definitely mobile now and moving around fast!

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The Martins said...

Great pictures. Christiaan and I just watched Emmaleigh's video clip 10 times, "Again, again, mly crawl" says Christiaan. :)