Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Mum and Dad, Janneke, Robin and Brandon arrived on Saturday morning 27th June. The following Tuesday we packed the car and all headed off to Canada. Here we are having lunch, just after the border crossing in to Canada.

Yes, love is still in the air :) We went to the Niagara Falls, since we were staying close by. The whole place is extremely commercialized and a whole city has developed around it. Apparently it is the honeymoon capital of the world. So here we are ....Of course we took some members of the family along as well.
... And some more... It might not be quite as romantic anymore, but the sights are still good anyway.
The Falls...
We also went to see Scott and Karen Zylstra and their family, since they lived close by. It was really nice to see them again and catch up.

And then on the Saturday we did some boating. The people with whom we were staying had a boat and some tubes. You can imagine we had a lot of fun.

Johanna and Rebekkah at the Falls.

Oh yes, we were told that you haven't been in Canada until you have been to a Tim Hortons. When asked what the experience was like, all we could think of was that we had a coffee. Whats the big deal anyway. It's amazing how much money can be made out of a brand. (Dumb country bumpkins)

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