Saturday, June 20, 2009

Auntie Jen came and visited us once again, with her friend Renate, to see her newest niece. We didn't see as much of Auntie Jen this time as the weather was nicer, so her and Renate took a few days to see some of the sights. Jen did manage to get in a few cuddles with Emmaleigh, as well as smiles and changing dirty nappies (daipers).

Johanna turned nine last week and celebrated it on the 10th so Auntie Jen could be a part of it as well. Johanna also insisted that it was appropriate as the 10th would be the 11th in New Zealand. Her cake decoration request also put Mum to the test.

On Friday we went and visited Chris and Carole Moulten (Seminary friends), close to Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Although it was a little cooler than expected, we did stay and make use of the playground until it warmed up enough for the children to go for a swim. We had a lovely relaxing day, enjoying fun and fellowship.
Our happy family getting ready to go home after an enjoyable day out.

Our Emmaleigh is full of smiles these days and she began rolling when we were at the Moultens. Emmaleigh is a very content baby even now when she is awake a lot more.


The Martins said...

Emmaleigh is beautiful, pity we can't have cuddles. Glad you are all doing well. Well done Gina on the dolphin cake, very impressive!!! xx Sunny

rachaelnz said...

Looks like you had a great time with family! Love the photos of the family at Niagara Falls!