Saturday, July 25, 2009

Johanna's playdough ice cream and beehive....

Georgia's boy and girl creation....

Juliette's happy family.....

Jacob's santa and sleigh....

Phillip's playdough train

Emmaleigh in yet another outfit. This little girl got rather spoilt and at each growth spurt has one or two new outfits that fit her. She seems to grow daily. Here she is already 3 months old. When she was 10 weeks she had her two month check and weighed in at a little over 13 pounds, that means she was gainig weight at a rate of just under half a pound a week.

Well look here! Pancakes you say and.... Because of a bad experience when younger Gina has not been a pancake fan, but here we are on Saturday morning having pancakes and sausages for breakfast. Much to the children's delight!! The ingredients, all of which were on special (eggs 48c/dozen, milk $1.99/gal) or donated by students in transit for the summer, meant there was an abundance of maple syrup and a bonus of weiner sausages.

Georgia with the flowers she picked on our mid-morning family walk.

JanErik's partially eaten birthday cake. Dropje's made for great black spots on the cow. It wasn't until we had started on the cake that we realized that we didnt have a photo of it. Gina is taking kind of seriously the task of decorating cakes so some of the children have already put in orders for next year.

Some of the walkers...

Phillip holding up the 'tank' while Dad and Uncle Rob check out the brakes.

Although not very big, and filled with only 4-6 inches of water, this pool is enough to get the children wet and cooled off.

Uncle Rob reading the newly issued library books to his nieces and nephews.

Another pic of Emmaleigh.

Another take on the pool.

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