Saturday, January 24, 2009


Today I (Erik) finished my intensive Hebrew with an exam in the morning. After that we went on our promised tobogganing outing. About 2 minutes away from our place is a nice hill on which to go down on the toboggan. Here are some pics.

Here we come!!! (backwards!)

That didn't go too well!

With Aunty Jen.

Dad doing a Hollywood!!!

I'm still not too sure how he talked me into this!!!!

We all had a great day, but man was it cold. Gina, taking the photos, was on the verge of frost bite but we were all too excited to wonder about why we couldn't feel our cheeks, noses and toes.

Here's Georgia trying to stay warm.

The van was still warm so by the time we got home we were mostly thawed out.
That's it for another week. Love from us all.

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