Saturday, January 17, 2009

"Aunty Jen's Here!!!"

The long awaited day has come and gone and "Aunty Jen" has joined the Stolte Kiwis in their temporary home in the States. What excitement. The children are really enjoying having Jen here and they have already roped her into many games of hide-and-seek, and playing outside in the snow.
Speaking of outside... It is bitterly cold here. Now this is not just a tropical Kiwi speaking. Apparently it has not been this cold since the seminary has been in this area. On Friday it was -17F (-24C). People had trouble starting their cars (if they got them started at all), so we had some late arrivals at seminary. A lot of the local schools have been closed for a couple of days because of the weather as well. Needless to say, today we had a balmy -4C (shorts and T-shirt weather) which was much more bearable. This also made the roads more passable, so we all piled into our new "wheels", with aunty Jen in tow and went touring. There's not much to see and do, since most of the side roads are fairly 'hairy' to drive on. So, we just kept to the main drags and showed aunty Jen around.

There's really not too much to see out the window. Just lots of snow. That doesn't mean we aren't enjoying the snow at all. We still think that its great and have lots of fun in it when its not too cold.

Travelling. Note the interior of our 'luxury liner'. All a little flash for us, but we're enjoying it while we have it.

God has indeed blessed us richly, while we have been here... Not just materially. When we go through trials and difficulties we constantly see the Lords hand sustaining us. When He blesses us materially, we see His loving hand pouring out blessings from the storehouses that he possesses. And then to know that all things happen for the good of those who love him... in fact all things work together for our salvation... What a blessed Lord we have. We continue to covet your prayers and thank you for the many that have been lifted up on our behalf. May we seek to do all things for the extention of His kingdom. Blessings to you all.

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