Saturday, January 31, 2009

Snow, Snow and More Snow!

Everyone is telling us this is one of the coldest winters on record. It's amazing how much people complain about the weather (even on this side of the globe). If it's not too hot, its too cold... and here we were thinking that only farmers complain about those kind of things.

Well, we're still enjoying the snow. We had a go at another snow fort. It started off as a great igloo idea and ended as a ... well whatever. It still looks pretty cool! It's got a roof and thick sides, so it should last for a while. In case you are wondering we cheated a bit on the roof. Dad found some old table legs and we used that as our frame to get a roof on.

Johanna made a really good snowman. It's not huge but it looks good.
On Monday we went to Chicago with Jennifer. The Aquarium had a free day so we went there. It was realy fun and facinating. There are more fish than just the ones that you eat. The different kinds of fish, their colours, shapes and sizes are just staggering. What some were created for was beyond us. You can't eat them, all we can do is admire them. As we stand in wonder it's plain and clear... All of creation displays the wonder, creativity and glory of the Creator. To him be all the glory!

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