Saturday, February 7, 2009

Where has all the snow gone!

As we woke up this morning this is what we found. All the snow has melted! Yesterday the snow was still fully covering our lawn, and today it was almost all gone. The temperatures rose to about 13C which was almost sunbathing weather compared to what we have had of late. We all took full advantage of the nice day as you can see here. Apparently, it's still to early to say that spring has arrived, so we will expect some more cold spells.
Today we also had the annual Car Derby with the Cadets. There was a fundraising pancake breakfast, after which we had the races. Jacob's car did ok after some minor alterations, but he got voted second place for the best looking car.

Phillip got a hair cut today his first all over clip. Mike would be proud! not sure about Oma S though!!!!! He likes looking like Jake.

Yesterday was Waitangi Day, so I convinced the office manager to help me put a NZ flag up on the flag pole. Now, the Americans are a bit sensitive about their flag and apparently it is a federal offence to place a flag of another country above or in place of an American flag. I thought it might not look to good for a NZ seminarian to be locked up in Guatomalo Bay, so I went for the next best option - underneath the American flag. Derek Kleinjan. This is the best I could muster.

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Jennifer said...

Wow! I left a little early. I didn't get to see your 'yard'! Love the haircut, Phil. And Jake, that car is awesome! I especially like the flag on top - it must have taken some skill!! :) xx