Saturday, January 3, 2009

Not too much has happened here lately. Our holidays from school/seminary/teaching are all but over. One more day of rest and worship of our Glorious God and then we are back into the swing of things. As we mentioned on our update, Erik and the children have been doing a project on the Netherlands. We had a great time, even though we couldn't find a Dutch Shop to top off our project. We know that there is a Dutch Village in Holland Michigan, so when the weather improves and the baby is here we will have to go there and have a look at that. We did do an art project and the picture below shows the results.

In case you can't tell, let me explain: the sea (blue) is higher than the land (green) and the dike (green with a road going over it (Jake was on road painting so he insisted on a road over the top of the dike)) is stopping the water from going onto the land. The canal (also blue) stops at the windmill (brown) which pumps the water into the sea. There is also a farmhouse (also brown)with sheep (white cotton wool. Cows were too hard to make and Texel and East Fresian sheep come from Holland so that will do).

Oh yes and the lovely children in the background are the artists that produced this magnificent piece of work (with a little help from their Dad).

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