Saturday, December 20, 2008

Country bumpkins in Chicago!

We've been having some great frosts here. The other night we had some rain and it all froze to the ground. Driving was a hazard, but it all looked beautiful. This picture doesn't quite capture it, but with the icicles hanging off the trees and the sun shining through them, it was quite a picture.

We went to Chicago today. We thought that we would go and see the lights. Apparently at dusk before Christmas all the lights are quite a picture. We arrived at about 1 oclock and we only lasted about 2 hours. It was terribly cold and even though we thought that we were dressed for it the children found it quite hard. Not only was it cold, the older girls were terribly scared about loosing the younger ones in the crowd. You can tell that we're just a country bumpkin family. We really don't care for all the sights of the city.... and the people.... if there were only less people. Why do so many people want to live together in a city, anyway?
This is a picture of us under some famous sculpture in Millenium park Chicago. It's so famous that we can't remember the name of it. And if you haven't heard of Millenium park, well... neither had we until a few days ago...


The Martins said...

It's absolutely beautiful. Don't get that in little ol Masterton

rachaelnz said...

That is beautiful! I clicked on the picture and it enlarged so I could see it better.
No, those country bumpkin kiddies look like they're not too keen on the cold in downtown Chicago, neither would I!!