Saturday, January 10, 2009

Here we are for another week. The snow is falling thick and fast and the children are really enjoying it. This lot of snow has come with weather that allows for outside activities. It is falling gently, although the snow ploughs on the roads are scrambling to stay on top of it. It's not much fun to get out and about, since the roads are a bit hairy, but, it's much more fun to play at home anyway. Here we all are building a snow fort. The end product was a little higher but we couldn't figure out how to get a roof on it. Dad's got some ideas, but not sure if they will work. Any suggestions are welcome. The kids reckon if the Eskimos can do it so can we....
You may notice the audience in the door window, who weren't too keen on coming out, but gave their instructions anyway.

Here is our 'new' van. This van has been such an answer to prayer and came in the most unexpected way and from an unexpected corner. God has blessed us richly with so many helpful and kind, generous people here. When we do get something we seem to get it in style. This van is a 1993 GMC G30 conversion van. Most cars beyond 10 years old are totally rusted in this part of the country. This is due to the salt they put on the roads during the winter. Not so with this beast. It's still in really good shape, and it's really flash inside. We were looking for something simple that could carry lots of kids from A to B. But instead the Lord has provided luxury. It has leather seats, wooden finishings, nintendo games for the kids, 2 TV screens, and a video player ... Only in America!... Needless to say its a bit of a tank, as far as size goes but drives very nicely and, Rob, it's a V8. A good old fuel guzzler... thankfully I can walk to seminary.
Aside from the funnies. The Lord has been good and we have all experienced - again - His rich provisions. We thank him daily, not just for His physical blessings but above all those spiritual blessings that we have in Him. What a wonderful joy it is to be loved by Him, and to find our greatest joys and desires in His presence. May you all have a blessed Lords Day, where you feast on all that we have in Christ.

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