Saturday, November 1, 2008

Yesterday we had some Australian visitors from the RTC in Geelong. They were here to check out MARS and see how it is structured and so forth. They stayed at our place for lunch and great fellowship ensued. Here Alistar McEwen (OT prof.) is trying to teach the kids some Hebrew. Not sure who had the most fun? The students or the teacher.

Our new car. Cool Aye!!!!
Unfortunately not. We received this cot (in the back) and we needed to pick it up so we borrowed a seminarian's 'Wheels'!!!!

For those back home in Masterton, here is the table cloth that we received from you. It was too nice to put on the table so we have hung it on the wall. It's a really special reminder of home!

We are really getting into the harvest festival here. These ornamentals are everywhere and the children got given a whole lot, so Gina has nicely arranged it on the mantle piece rather than having it strewed all around the house, as the children would like. (Sorry, should've rotated the picture)

Today we went for a little tour to Michigan and we stopped off at the lake in South Haven. The kids were really keen to get their feet wet and hands dirty, despite the cold. They had a ball, while their parents looked on with their jackets on.

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Sandra said...

Love the pumpkins!