Saturday, November 15, 2008

Well as you can see winter is on it's way. Temperatures are dropping fast and even though Johanna doesn't think so we get the kids to wrap up when we go out. Johanna insists that it isn't cold. The other day she was outside on her bare feet and T-shirt, in 5C weather. When there is no wind it's OK because the air is dry, but when the wind picks up, it cuts right through you. Today we went out to a park close by. We lasted about 20min, although the older children thought it was far to early to get back in the car. At least we were the only ones at the park so we had the place for ourselves.

This is for Rob. This adds a whole new dimension to lowering your car. Dad might like it too. You can level the paddocks with it pretty good as well, I'm sure!
We had Rev. Vander Hart over for dinner tonight, so the children got another dose of Old Testament history and Archeology. He has recently been to Israel and he told them all about the places where he has been, showing it to them on the map. It co-incided well with our morning Bible Readings where we are reading about final days before the Israelites enter the promised land. Now they know where Mt. Nebo is and the Jordan, Dead Sea and all about Hezekiahs water channel. Even Dad and Mum were listening in!

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