Sunday, October 26, 2008

Just some travels

Here are some photos of our travels around the place on Saturday afternoons. We try and get out every Saturday afternoon and go and see something. We don't always manage to get out, especially if we have things to do around the house.

Harvesting is in full swing here. Jake and Phil love it. They were harvesting out the back of the seminary the other day so Gina and the kids went to check that out as well.

Watching calves being born at Fair Oaks Dairies. This is a commercial farming operation which uses one of the farms as a tourist attraction. The full operation has 30,000 cows spread over 10 farms. Pretty impressive stuff.

The birthing barn. All set up like a theatre. you can just sit there and watch the calves being born ( as you can see us doing above). When one is born they replace that one and get another cow in that is ready to calve. With 30,000 cows they have about 80-100 calves being born a day.

Milking shed.

'Fair Oaks Dairies'. Sorry its not very clear.

You don't even have to get out of the car to get your money from the ATM machines here. A new version of fast food... I mean fast money!
Cool aye!

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rachaelnz said...

Hi Stoltes,
What a great idea to start a blog, it's a great way to keep family & friends in touch with what you're up to.
Love from the Reitsmas.