Monday, March 14, 2011

Some lingering snow and a 'field trip.'

The last of the snow from the blizzard was great for making snowmen. Here is our creation, which turned a few heads in cars coming down the street.The last time we were in Kalamazoo for a preaching assignment, Gina was speaking to a farmers wife. She invited us around some time. So we took her up on her offer. This is a huge place. All owned by the one man and wife. He started off with 10 cows and now is milking 4,000 at this place, with some more in other places.
Just in case you think this is the enterance of a motel or church building, this is the 'milking palour.'

72 bale rotary, for 4,000 cows. 24/7 milking, with an hour or 2 here and there for cleaning. It turns out they are a few days behind in their schedule. Standing there watching them work, you can see, why. Things don't go too fast here!!! Mind you, if I was doing that all day, I'm not too sure how fast I would be either...Oh, yes, silage. You'd need a pretty bad winter to run out with this lot...

The loaded up trailer is for his other 'smaller farm.' He has his own trucking company, and has 4-5 loads of milk go out every day, to South Carolina somewhere, probably 12-15 hours drive.
This is all on a slightly different scale to what we are used to...

And we have had two birthdays in the past month. Georgia on the 9th March...

...and Rebekkah on the 7th February

She got this cake from our 'adopted grandparents.'

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anna and hugh said...

it's anna (you knew me as evan or anna kossen from mangere)
it's been a very long time, but somehow through f/book i found this site and wanted to send you greetings. your family look lovely and it's good to see how well you're all doing. my husband and i live in brooklyn, we're both in graduate school and enjoying it very much.
warm wishes