Saturday, February 5, 2011

Pella and some snow

We went to Pella, Iowa, a number of weeks ago. Erik had to preach there and we thought we would take the opportunity to do some sight seeing. Pella is a historical town, settled by the Dutch and for tourist reasons is very good at keeping it heritage to the fore. However, nothing was open. It is the middle of winter, temperatures below zero and lots of snow around. But here are some pictures anyway.
As you can see they keep up the Dutch shop fronts. This is on all the businesses in the town square.

Since we couldn't go into any touristy places, we went to our Motel (the church put us up for 2 nights) and we went swimming instead. I think the kids enjoyed it more than the town itself.
So the talked up blizzard came and went. In the Update we belittled it, but even though it wasn't as big as the "blizzard of 1967," it was pretty bad. Lots and lots of snow and huge drifts. Most businesses were closed for at least a day and some for a couple of days.Our neighbour was snowed in by a drift.
The seminary didn't fare too badly. Nothing a snow plough can't take care of.So the next day was clean up.Pity the post man. He has to keep getting out of his car to put in the mail. Mind you, he's lucky he doesn't have to dig out the letter boxes.Ah, yes! The whole family pitched in to dig us out. Erik is on snow shovelling duties at the Seminary. Some results of a couple hours of work. The Kids don't know what all the fuss is about. This is COOL!!!!! Snow forts, tunnels and snow fights. It's great fun.

So our last snowy winter is proving to be rather exciting. I'm sure we will remember this for years to come.
Blessings to you all. Stoltes.

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