Saturday, May 9, 2009

Time goes on!

Here we are again. Another couple of weeks have past since our last blog update and so much has happened. Erik is in the middle of exams and busily cramming lots of info into his head. Gina and the children are trying to get some routine and order into their lives, which has been a bit difficult with family coming and going. In saying that, we wouldn't have it any other way. Its been so nice having Mum/Oma here and then (Uncle) Dave and (Aunty) Sarah.
Gina continues to do well, however the lack of sleep through the night is starting to catch up on her, which can make it rather strained at times. The Lord is gracious, however, and Emmaleigh is relatively content and generally only wakes up once through the night, which is really nice.
Here are some photos and commentary:

Saying good-bye is never nice - but it is nice that it is not nice - if it was nice that would not be nice... Here we are at the airport. Erik went with Rebekkah and Jacob and of course Oma with her dramatically reduced amount of luggage.

Is that a squirrel - No - it's only the Stolte kids. Spring is great. The weather is warm and pleasant and the children are making the most of it. They have been making tents and climbing trees. The trees are still a little small for this kind of thing, so after a few snapped branches and bumps and grazes, we have had to put a limit on that.

Aunty Sarah and Uncle Dave were a real hit with the kids. They were here for 6 days. A real blessed time, even if Erik was a bit busy with the studies.

Oh, and our big girl turned 10 this week. Man what happened... where did the years go... in another 10 years... lets not think about that yet...
And of course.. back by popular demand ... more pictures of our Emmaleigh. She has already grown out of her new born clothes and she seems to be changing daily. Enjoy!

With 2 very proud BIG sisters...

Thanks again for your emails and contact. The Lord continues to bless us in so many ways and the knowledge of your prays and support is truly a blessing to us. We continue to covet your prayers especially at this busy time. Pray that our hearts may continue to feast on Him and find strength for our daily lives and tasks in Him alone.
May you know his nearness with you as you also seek to live in and for Him.
Love from us all.

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