Saturday, April 4, 2009

Photos at last!

Here we are again. We were going through the photos on our camera and realized that we have some pretty old photos on there that have not even been posted.
March 9th was Georgias birthday. She's 4 now! Scary! But she of course thought that it was about time. She only has to wait one more year and then she can start school.... Mmmm... we'll see how long the novelty lasts when she starts.
"Uncle Keith," is our local Kiwi here. He and his daughter came over for dinner a couple of weeks ago and we had a really nice time together. We spent most of our time talking to Olivia (Keiths daughter) while the children kept Keith busy reading book, after book, after book.... :)
This summer I will be doing my internship at Lynwood URC. They have a church plant in Orland Park, which is about 35 minutes away. We decided to go there last Sunday to meet the people and see where it is. They meet in a small room at Trinity Christian College and about 30-50 attend most weeks.
As you can see, we had snow while we were there. When we left home there was only a little bit, but by the time we got there it was falling pretty heavily. The snow ploughs were out in full force, so the roads and highways were still passable.
And we thought spring was on the way!
Spring is actually on the way. Last Sunday it was white and today the children were painting outside on the driveway.
Today we also went to a war veterans memorial park. It was very well set up and also very interesting. War history is always a bit sad, as you see the destruction and pain men can inflict on each other. It was very interesting how they depicted a desire for peace. They sought to display a confidence that one day we can all put our differences aside and live together in harmony. Fallen man makes a mess of things, but they look for peace in all the wrong places.

Oh yes! We have set up the baby's cot, as you can see below. We thought that some bedtime reading might also come in handy at times, if he gets a bit bored, hence the bookcase and books. Mum L and Jen, note that there is nothing as yet on the cot, nor under it, pretty good aye!:-)

And here is the beautifully flourishing woman who occupies this house and makes it a home. I would introduce you to the extension, but that might have to wait a few weeks.

Gods richest blessings to you all.


rachaelnz said...

You look beautiful in the red top Gina, and they are lovely compliments from your husband :-).
Praying for strength for you all in the weeks ahead.
Rachael (Reitsma)

The Martins said...

Ditto about Gina looking so absolutely fabulous, how does she do it? Always the ever loving husband, Jan Erik, we're so proud of you! :) xxoo Chris and Sunny (but mostly sunny)

lydia d said...

he jan-erik en georgina.

tante roelie zei dat jullie een blog hadden. en die heb ik eindelijk gevonden. ik zie dat het goed met jullie gaat. het gaat bij ons ook goed. doe de groeten aan de kids


je nicht lydia