Saturday, March 21, 2009

So a couple of weeks have gone by and we haven't updated our blog. To be totally honest not much has happened in the last couple of weeks. I (Erik) have been busy with Mid-Term Exams and so we haven't really gone out much or done anything too exciting as a family. Saturday afternoons are generally still time out with the family, but last week we did some work around the "yaarrd". Spring is here and we thought that we better be on top of things in the garden, so we have done a bit of pruning and Gina has been busy tidying up a few sections of the garden.

This week we went for a walk down to the park behind our subdivision. Walking is not going too fast for Gina now-a-days, but it's really great to get out in the sunshine and just enjoy the day. Sometimes it would just be great to get back out on the farm and breath the fresh outside air again, but the next best thing is to just get out and go for a walk. We are planning to find some nature walks that we can trek. There are a lot of forest reserves in the area, so when the baby is here, we intend to go and try a few of them out.

Tonight we had "uncle" Keith Vooys and his daughter Olivia around for dinner. He is an ex-pat Kiwi and we had a great time together getting to know them better.

We had some photo's to show, but we're having some trouble downloading them, so this will have to do for now.

Blessing to you all.
Love from us all here in the States

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