Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mum and Emmaleigh are home!

On Tuesday we were all united as a family again when Gina and Emmaleigh came home. The house is buzzing with activity and instead of, "What shall we play with now," it is " Is it my turn to hold her yet?" The refrain is getting a little constant and the 'parcel' is getting well handled as it gets goes from one to the other. It is remarkable how well Emmaleigh sleeps through it all. The first hour that she was lying in her cot she had 5 or 6 little faces peering through the rungs and little hands reaching through the bars to stroke her. The noise level left a lot to be desired, but amazingly she did not even wake up. She is a great sleeper, whatever noise is going on around her (and trust me, there is no small amount) she seems to sleep through it all. The only thing she is waking up to at the moment is the rumbling of her tummy.
Here she is all dressed and ready to leave the hospital.

Who needs their own bed when you can kick Mum and Dad out of theirs. All seven in one bed. Johanna was a bit embarrased about being on a photo, but not enough to get out of the bed.

And here are some more baby pictures.

If you want to see more photos of Emmaleigh, let us know. We don't want to bore you all and post nothing but baby photos, but we are just a little excited about our latest addition.
Georgina is also doing very well. Apart from tiredness, her body is recovering well and she is loving being agile again. The children have two weeks of holidays from school and are all looking forward to Oma Loef coming on Monday night.
A blessed Lord's Day to you all.

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