Saturday, December 26, 2009

A white Christmas

Here we are again. It has been a while since we last updated the blog, but better late than never. The really busy time of exams and school is finished for now so there are no more excuses.

As you can see from the photos, winter is well and truly upon us. The ice in the seminary pond froze over in the first couple of weeks of December already. All the Canadians and some eager Americans were out on the ice playing their national sport with great enthusiasm. Erik tried to get out there and show off his figure skating prowess. Needless to say there were some death-defying moves most of which ended in purple colourings, but it would be honest to say that he spent over 50% of his time on his skates rather than his backside. But he has played a game of ice-hockey - the first and last.

The children are also enjoying the snow. The cold is still bearable, so they spend a bit of it outside. It would however be true to say that they tire of the snow some what quicker than last year.

For Christmas we packed the car and went for a night to Sheboygan Wisconsin. A seminarian couple from last year, accepted a call there and just moved into their new house. Their children and grandchildren were not having Christmas with them so they invited us over. We had a great time of fellowship and relaxation, before we braved the treacherous roads and made the 3 hour return journey home.

Thats it for us for this time. We hope that you have all enjoyed your time with those you love over this holiday season. May God riches and grace be on you over the New Year.

Blessings in our Saviours name

Erik, Georgina, Juliette, Johanna, Jacob, Rebekkah, Georgia, Phillip and Emmaleigh Stolte.


Jennifer said...

Great pictures once again! Looking forward to spending some time with you... and in the snow too!!
Just wondering if the name change is now default??? :)
See you soon! Love, Jen

Stolte Kiwis said...

No idea what you are talking about!!!! :-)

Jennifer said...