Saturday, October 3, 2009

Some Shots of the Kids

Here are some of the promised pictures of the children. There were not as many on the camera as we thought so this is about it.

Here Phillip is trying to show off his play-do creation.

Below: The older children put Emmaleigh in the 'washing basket' and dragged her around the house. She thought the whole thing was absolutely great.

Another shot of Emmaleigh. The weather here is definately cooling down so the beenies are back in use.

Below: A month or so we bought some lego on e-bay. It was all sorts of bits-n-pieces, but they spend hours playing with it. It will come in handy, especially going into the winter.

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Sandra said...

Hi there,

Really enjoying your updates! Am a little Jealous about your white Christmas this year, hope everything is well, can you believe how quickly time is going by!?!
I have started a blog too,