Monday, August 10, 2009

One Year in America.

Last week was a milestone for the Stolte's in America. On the 6th we were here for exactly one year. To celebrate we decided to have a real American dinner with hotdogs (the real ones) and pizza. It was quite a treat and we hope to make it a bit of a tradition for the 3 years we are here. Of course it does mean we only get to do it one more time, but the idea is a good one. :)
Johanna and Juliette are really into their sewing at the moment, making all kinds of creations. Here is Johanna's apron that they made together. The weather here is starting to get a little warm (mid 30's and high humidity), so we have taken to playing cricket in the basement. The pitch is a little short, but we make do. It's great fun!!

Below is a video clip we did on the camera. We are still trying to figure out how it all goes, so sorry about the rotation. Try not to get a sore neck watching it. Just as well its not too long!!!!!


rachaelnz said...

What a cute video of Emmaleigh!
Well done with your sewing girls, my girls are all into sewing at the moment too.

Loef said...

What a wonderful effort with sewing Juliette and Johanna.The basement is being well used as well. Emmaleigh. What a wonderful video. The way you were laying there Emmaleigh reminds me of a photo i have of your Auntie Sarah.We really enjoy all the latest updates.
Continue to do so. Thanks very much.With love Oma(mum) Loef