Saturday, May 23, 2009

Spring's Joys

We went for a drive again today. We had heard of a huge nursery about half an hour away, so we decided to go and visit it. It was fairly impressive, but it was so hot and so many people there, it kind of looses its attractiveness. There are whole hot houses full of flowers and other of any other plant imaginable.
What really impressed us was the ingenuity of the people running this place. They try and sell everything. Dad and Clarence will be impressed with this. We figured while we are here, maybe we could make a buck or two and start up a little venture on the side (just in case our funding dries up). When Mum and Dad come this way, they can fill their bags full of these familiar items and we can sell them here. They're not quite worth gold here, but we figured you guys could do with a few less and we could have a sideline business going.B ring them all over. You could probably fill a few boats...
Note the names of the ..... Well they're just 'rocks' really. Amazing what you can do with a name and some marketing. You can sell almost anything.
...And of course it is planting time here. The whole season is a bit late, since it has been so wet and cold for such a long time... apparently... (oh, by the way, it has been concluded that it is not only NZ farmers that complain about the weather - it is a world-wide phenomenon), so we have been seeing a lot of heavy metal driving the feilds. Much to the delight of the males in our family and the sighs and groans of the females, we tend to drive slowly on the country roads, to take it all in. Lucky for the males the driver is one of them.

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